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Administration Email

Dr. Subhas Mohan


Ms. Clidege Pierre

Assistant Principal

Mr. Luis A. Amaya

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Neeta Ahmed

Assistant Principal
Teachers Email
Banwarie, M.
Barba, F.
Brijmohan, K.
Chan, T.
Conley, S.
Deebrah, A.
Donohue, M.
Duran, K.
Forrester, R.
Gadit, M.
Guisment, M.
Herman, J.
Hogan, E.
Kanhai, B.
Kudla, A.
Lieberman, S.
Morales, A.
Palermo, M.
Peresztegi, N.
Porter, K.
Santoro, F.
Skinner, C
Thomas, B.
Vivar, T.
Yeam, S
Guidance Counselors Email
Gordon, T. A.
Thomas, E.
Parent Coordinator Email
Jimenez, C.
Principal Secretary Email
Bacelic, Y.
School Aides Email
Cross, Z.
Gadit, A.
Fuentes, A.
Ross, J.