Staff Directory

First Initial Last Name DOE email address Title
M Adams Teacher
T Ahmed Teacher
N Ahmed AP
L Amaya AP
Y Bacelic Secretary
M Banwarie Teacher
F Barba Teacher
S Battaglia Secretary
K Brijmohan Teacher
P Brown Teacher
N Cooper Teacher
Z Cross School Aide
R Davis Teacher
K Duran Teacher
J Elfreich Teacher
A Fuentes Comm. Asst.
J Geyer Teacher
T Gordon Guidance
M Guisment Teacher
A Hardwick Teacher
C Jimenez Parent Coord.
T Jordan Para
Z Joseph School Aide
B Kanhai Teacher
M Kim Teacher
S Lieberman Teacher
E Mangano Teacher
M Mayorga Teacher
R McHenry Teacher
S Mohan Principal
A Ott Teacher
M Palermo Teacher
N Peresztegi Teacher
S Pezzano Teacher
C Pierre AP
K Porter Teacher
W Qureshi Teacher
A Rosario Teacher
G Rosario Teacher
M Rosenberg Teacher
J Ross School Aide
J Santiago Social Worker
R Scherer Teacher
N Silverstein Teacher
E Thomas Guidance
A Thompson School Aide
S Yeam Teacher
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EPIC High Schools, an outgrowth of the NYC Expanded Success Initiative (and with generous support from Open Society Foundations), makes learning responsive, engaging and accessible.

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